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IT-as-a-Service Market Is Flourishing

Over recent years, IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) has started to transform the traditional IT market. Now, the market for ITaaS is growing, rapidly. Historically, organizations had to rely on a variety of service providers and their offerings that might not have been tailored exactly to their company’s IT needs. In today’s diverse marketplace, some of the more progressive service providers have begun bridging the gap between Infrastructure-as-a-Service and ITaaS in order to provide the best possible tools and services to their clients. As an already prominent leader in the IaaS space, Egenera was also recently named as a major competitor in the ITaaS marketplace, and the industry is expected to expand enormously throughout the next few years.

But why is ITaaS booming? In as few words as possible, because of standardization, cost predictability, self-service, scalability, and increased productivity.

Hardware and Software, Plus Service

In today’s on-demand society, consumers as well as organizations are valuing time over cost in most cases. Because of this, cost of goods and services is typically not the only deciding factor when choosing a new product or service provider. If a service provider can guarantee availability, rapid delivery and response time, they immediately have a leg up on the competition. Customers want near 100% uptime, and that includes the need for fast response from a knowledgeable person when things go wrong. This is exactly what we’re seeing within the IT industry. Companies have continued to prove that they can boost their top line revenue while also increasing their bottom line profit simply by improving efficiency of processes.

With ITaaS, organizations can receive the exact amounts of hardware, software and support that they need to improve efficiency, significantly reducing costs and improving their bottom line.

Cost Predictability

One of the biggest and most recurring issues that we, and other major players in the industry, hear about from new customers is overpaying for services that they don’t need. It’s not just Egenera that encounters these stories; in fact it’s so common that Oracle published a marketing piece specifically about this exact issue. Why waste your time and money dealing with a tech. giant that only has cookie-cutter solutions to problems they don’t understand? ITaaS allows for extreme customization of services and support. Because ITaaS solutions can be personalized for individual organizations, it drastically reduces the unpredictability of your IT costs, allowing you to spend that hard earned cash elsewhere, or to further invest in your IT needs.

The ITaaS model completely rearranges the traditional IT cost model. With the on-demand structure of ITaaS, each business arm can utilize a portion of their own budget for their own individual IT needs, allowing your IT department to efficiently track their own costs. This concept has actually been around for a while, especially within large organizations. In the past, the problem was that the on-demand model had limited transparency of priority, progress, and costs. Now, with integrated cloud consoles from providers like Egenera, organizations have all this information at their fingertips.

You could argue that your internal IT department is now less of a necessity than it was previously. Using a cloud like Xterity that is built to promote an ITaaS model allows businesses to focus their IT resources on ones that really make a difference.


It’s as simple as this: a cloud provider that doesn’t provide custom support solutions for your business will miss the mark when it comes to your customers. In 2020, Hubspot and many others are promoting that customer service and experience will be a key factor in buying decisions, perhaps even more so than cost. The growing importance of customer experience is so strong that major consulting companies like PWC have started to quantify the “price premium” for getting exceptional customer service. How can a giant cloud provider with massive support desks and call centers ever have a thorough understanding of your business needs? They can’t.

One of the challenges many companies have seen when transitioning to the cloud is that their IT department or MSP loses control; organizations have likened working with the cloud giants to dealing with a major utility company: yes, they deliver electricity very reliably but any slight change can be a major undertaking, You never know what you are going to be charged until the end of the month. When the lights go out, you are just one of thousands of people getting generic messages, busy signals, and left waiting for service to be restored.

This is even more frustrating for MSPs who have invested significant time and energy to get to know your customers and gain their trust. Maybe you have specialties in law, healthcare, finance, or geographical expertise, that is next to impossible to bring to bear in the standard cloud support process. At Egenera, we hear from MSPs all the time that the concept of going to a cloud is extremely concerning. It really changes their business model, and they have to find a different way to add value for their customers. The thought of having to deal with an enormous and impersonal support desk causes worry. How do you offer security services in such a closed off and complex environment? How much can you really impact the delivery of that utility? How much value can you actually add if they’re some massive cloud that any consumer can sign up for directly?

Clouds like Egenera’s Xterity Cloud are targeted to enable ItaaS, are designed to allow IT groups or service providers to do many of the same functions they already do for their end users; from design to security, compliance, performance management, private connectivity, and even windows administration. Egenera can provide the support that you need. Our premier cloud works exclusively with MSPs so there is no question as to your role and we have defined tools to help you support & charge your customers in a way that fits your relationship. Our cloud services are built around providing partners the support they need to deliver a premier customer experience without any additional costs. Perhaps just as important, Egenera provides a single interface where the end user, partner, and cloud operations can work together to achieve a shared business goal - this is key to making ITaaS in the cloud a success.

Why ITaaS With Egenera Xterity Works

Xterity by Egenera is a simplified cloud platform that gives managed service providers and IT organizations an enterprise level cloud service that is economical, flexible and very simple to use. Our wholesale approach to cloud enables service providers to take their existing service and insert a cloud where there is currently a small datacenter, colocation center, or perhaps already even a public cloud.

Xterity Cloud Services combines the security and reliability of Tier 3 data centers with enterprise-class hardware and software to deliver highly reliable private and public cloud services including compute, network, storage, operating systems, applications and services like backup, disaster recovery and migration. Our highly-tailored services combined with top of the line support creates an IT environment that helps you achieve your goals while also improving your efficiency and boosting your bottom line. At Egenera, we strive to be the easiest to use, the highest value, and the most customer focused IaaS cloud provider in the market.

About Egenera

Egenera was founded in 2000 and was quickly named as one of the top 10 startups to watch in 2002. Egenera’s Xterity Cloud platform is a global public cloud offering that is built in top tier data centers with leading connectivity providers, with the mission to simplify the consumption and management of IT resources. Xterity’s simplified cloud console allows organizations to get into the cloud without certifications, developers, or system architects.

From their operations in Massachusetts & California, to Japan, the UK, and Ireland, Egenera has established a reputation within the cloud computing industry as a leader in simplified IaaS. Egenera can help organizations large or small achieve their goals by providing 24 x 7 x 365 support and learning the individual needs of your business.

Explore a simplified cloud platform and avoid hours of headaches at

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