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TotalTrax CEO, Anthony Andriano, on the Move from AWS to Xterity

Updated: Jul 11

Why Are Companies Moving To The Cloud

TotalTrax inc, a leader in fleet management and telematics, had decided to migrate its cloud services from AWS to Egenera’s Xterity cloud. TotalTrax has had a number of iterations of hosting providers over the years, everything from on-premise to Managed services with Rackspace. Before Xterity, TotalTrax CEO Anthony Andriano had been seeking a trusted partner and cloud service provider with the means to meet the standards of global coverage and provide proficient support when needed.


In 2021 TotalTrax, Inc made the move to AWS after an in-depth search for a partner that would let our business focus on what we do best.

It was evident early into our relationship with AWS that their business and support model would be a challenge for TotalTrax. Uptime and performance met our expectations, but we struggled with the rest of our relationship. Billing was complex and unpredictable, and the support load was not reduced, just shifted to our integration partner. Suddenly we were dependent on them for everything. Plus, we had a growing need to manage the partner and the AWS bills.

While we were struggling with this our business was trying to adapt to the unprecedented challenges we have seen in recent years. As a company that deals in logistics, these events hit us hard – meaning the business had to adapt. When we sat back and looked at the lessons learned it was clear that what we needed in a partner was someone built to help a software company like us run as a SaaS provider without a bunch of extra skills, resources, or training. A partner that we could deal with directly, simply, and have a predictable monthly cost. Simply put, we needed someone we could call if we needed help, not navigate an endless stream of faqs and bots. When we laid it all out on the table we were drawn back to the Xterity cloud: one of the providers we had liked but passed on during our initial search.

Finding a Partner in Egenera

Initially, we had passed on Xterity cloud for all the reasons you might expect. It was a smaller company, less added services, no certification track for engineers, and no real name recognition. Ironically, our time with AWS showed us that we never got time to use the added services, the certification stuff distracted our employees and just ended up making them more attractive for other companies to hire away. It was clear in our case that having a huge company as a partner was not a bonus but in fact, it was an impediment to our success.

With Egenera, TotalTrax can focus on selling our software, not maintaining it or keeping it running. Most importantly, we can pick up the phone and know that knowledgeable support is on the other side. It is the right size for us to get the attention we want with the global coverage we need.

Anthony Andriano


TotalTrax, Inc

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