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Understanding the Benefits of Cloud Services

ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) can revel in the many benefits of cloud services, including the automation, scalability, and flexibility that comes from partnering with a cloud provider and converting to a SaaS model. And as one of the most popular forms of service in the world, SaaS offers superior assistance and support to ISVs looking to cut costs and maintain customer satisfaction.

As SaaS appears to be the standard as we advance, here's what you need to know about this delivery model and why your company should consider utilizing its numerous benefits.

What is an ISV?

An ISV is an organization or company that creates and publishes software and then sells it on the market. ISVs typically utilize the ‘cloud’ to deliver this software to users, often through the SaaS method. This method allows users within a company to access specific software through the internet as a service, most commonly through subscription models. It eliminates the need to install and maintain software locally, preventing users from managing difficult and complex software or hardware.

Is SaaS Cloud Based?

SaaS is a cloud-based model which allows users to access an ISV’s software from any location. A user simply needs a local internet connection and login credentials to access this subscribed software. Since cloud computing provides the on-demand availability of computer system resources without direct active management by the user, the accessibility of a SaaS model is intriguing for all sorts of companies.

Benefits of Changing to a SaaS Model

Many ISV organizations now use SaaS as their delivery medium. If your organization has not yet taken this step, it’s not too difficult to do. As such, organizations can easily leverage the cloud to open new doors regarding delivery channels and more. Some of the primary benefits include:

  • Lower Costs - Unlike on-premise software that is costly and requires constant hardware updates to retain optimal functionality, cloud-based ISVs leveraging the SaaS model have more centralized software distribution and management. In turn, companies can save upwards of 30% on QA, development, and support costs.

  • Integration and Scalability - SaaS solutions typically reside in cloud environments that are scalable, can permit services in other geographies, and offer integrated services that would otherwise be too costly with an on-premise model, including remote connectivity, backup, and DR. Additionally, organizations have the flexibility to rightsize their compute needs up and down based on changes in customer demand.

  • Faster Customer Acquisition - SaaS permits ISV organizations a model best fit for speedy customer acquisition. In other words, SaaS models offer interested users quick and simple ways to get started, with no installation trip, no sizing, and less time needed to find loaner hardware or sign a loaner agreement. Using a SaaS model, ISVs can also source direct feedback from new prospects concerning what they are testing. This is an easy and direct way to guide prospects through first-time use.

  • Higher Customer Retention - A SaaS delivery model helps ISVs make upgrades and changes to software more easily with the cloud, rather than the timely on-premise software changes that could potentially frustrate customers. With SaaS, ISVs can deliver new releases, fixes, and enhancements more quickly and with ease. Not to mention, there is less testing and QA to complete as there is little variation in deployment models.

  • Ease of Use - One of the most important benefits of SaaS in cloud computing comes from the overall ease of use. Many cloud systems are built for simple administration, decreasing the need for costly technology certifications and added needs. They also have support options that help supplement an ISV's lack of skill in infrastructure areas.

The Cloud, Simplified With Xterity

Egenera is a global cloud services company founded in 2000 with a singular mission to dramatically simplify the consumption and management of IT resources. Our global Xterity Cloud platform gives managed service providers and IT organizations an enterprise-level cloud service that is economical, flexible, and simple to use. With a cloud service provider like Egenera, companies can maximize availability and productivity for organizations of all sizes and receive highly reliable private and public cloud IaaS services, including compute, network, storage, operating systems, applications, and migration.

Contact us today to request a demo, or to learn how we can help you transition to a SaaS model.


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