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Egenera's Xterity Cloud platform gives managed service providers and IT organizations an enterprise level cloud service that is economical, flexible and very simple to use. Our platform is designed to run the most demanding mission critical systems with price points that are attractive for all business sizes. Xterity is a global public cloud offering that is built in top tier data centers with leading connectivity providers. We offer our services in the US, Europe and Asia. The platform was designed with redundancy at every level – from the enterprise class server, networking and storage hardware to the industry leading virtualization layer. This robust architecture provides the redundancies needed to prevent the typical single points of failure seen in local collocation facilities, many other cloud providers, and many on-premise installations. This approach results in less unexpected downtime, significantly reduced impact of maintenance activities and a higher level of security.  


Our highly reliable architecture is managed by Egenera’s industry leading Cloud Console, which was designed from the ground up to allow our customers to quickly deploy & manage their infrastructure without burdensome certification and training requirements. Our console provides dashboard style views and includes an intuitive drag-and-drop designer that simplifies building and updating IT solutions.  The console supports fully configurable servers, which allows you to have the exact resources needed for your application - not the closest match of a statically configured server.  The interface also brings together all the data you need to manage and even resell IaaS, BaaS and DRaaS.  Our console integrates server access, security, monitoring, logging, pricing, quoting, margin management and even revenue and usage reporting. The flexibility of control and accountability built into Cloud Console can even support highly demanding compliant environments like GxP or HIPAA without completely altering your current processes.


To offer a set of services and pricing that fits our customers different use cases, Xterity is available in two independent offerings. We offer our Premier service, which is targeted at MSPs, ISVs, and larger enterprises.  Xterity Premier provides the absolute best in class for performance, support and business continuity and offers the flexibility and additional services needed by customers with more complex business needs.  For organizations looking for a simple, predictable, and inexpensive way to run their business or development systems in the cloud, we offer our Express service. Xterity Express is structured to meet those needs without the additional costs associated with premium support and features.


If you need additional help understanding which Egenera Cloud Service is right for you, then please click the comparison icon below.

Xterity Premier
Xterity Express

Industry leading availability, performance, and flexibility at costs lower than other major cloud providers.  Xterity Premier is ideal for cloud solutions where downtime is not an option.  

Built with the same simple interface and predictable pricing as our premier offering.  Xterity Express delivers performance, reliability, and support levels on par with other major cloud providers at some of the lowest prices in the industry. 








Years of 


Egenera is a global cloud services company founded in 2000 with a singular mission to dramatically simplify the consumption and management of IT resources. Using our deep experience in data center infrastructure operations, cloud management and services, we launched our Xterity Cloud platform to provide managed service providers and IT organizations with an enterprise level cloud service that is economical, flexible and very simple to use.

Our Xterity Cloud platform was designed to maximize availability and productivity.  The infrastructure itself is architected for stability using best of breed technologies with a technology stack that has been hardened by extensive lab testing and over 400,000 hours of production runtime. Our unique cloud management console is an industry leading productivity tool that provides dashboard style views, includes an intuitive, drag-and-drop designer that simplifies building and updating IT solutions.  The console supports fully configurable servers, which allows Xterity customers to have the exact resources needed for their applications - not the closest match of a statically configured server.  The interface also brings together all the data needed to manage and even resell cloud services integrating server access, security, monitoring, logging, pricing, quoting, margin management and even revenue and usage reporting. 

With the simplicity of our cloud management console, Xterity users are liberated to focus on providing higher value, higher margin services. Xterity Cloud Services combine the security and reliability of Tier 3 data centers with enterprise-class hardware and software to deliver highly reliable private and public cloud IaaS services including compute, network, storage, operating systems, applications and services like backup, disaster recovery and migration. Options for 24x7x365 support and assigned account management are available to help ensure success for our customers with the most demanding business needs.

Our mission is to be the easiest to use, highest value, most customer focused IaaS cloud provider in the market.  To learn more about our Xterity Cloud platform, please contact us at your convenience.



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