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Making the Transition: MSP to CSP

As the cloud services market has matured it has evolved from a one-size-fits-all to specialty clouds like Disaster Recovery as a Service, Desktop as a Service, Backup as a Service and more. To compete in today’s cloud world, MSPs needs to differentiate their services. Moving up the food chain to application services also means you can charge more and drive more revenue.

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Making the Transition: ISV to SaaS

Enterprise IT organizations are implementing private clouds as well as hybrid clouds that provide seamless access to public clouds. IT services companies and distributors are reselling cloud services. Managed Service Providers are moving their business to the cloud, as Cloud Service Providers. Independent software vendors (ISVs) are also reacting to the cloud by transitioning from delivering packaged software to Software as a Service

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Why You Should Partner With a CSP to Enter The Cloud

This whitepaper is for you whether you’re “going it alone” and finding it difficult to sustain your own cloud or are just trying to understand which path you should take to add cloud services to your portfolio. Selecting the right cloud partner is crucial. But how do you know what to look for? This whitepaper and accompanying webinar provide you the information you need to make a wise, prudent, and informed decision on who you should partner with for your journey into the cloud.

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CSP Assessment Checklist

Don’t wait to move to the Cloud

The cloud services adoption rate is exploding as businesses look for ways to reduce costs, while increasing reliability, scalability and client value with IT cloud services. Selecting the right cloud partner enables you to evolve your business model to include higher value, higher margin services on top of the reliable “heavy-lifting” cloud infrastructure services provided by your cloud partner.

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Odyssey VC (OVC) and Egenera combine to deliver a compliant GxP Cloud Platform

Odyssey VC delivers industry leading consultancy and engineering services packaged in a comprehensive GxP Lifecycle, which is underpinned by GAMP 5 and is executed under the guidance of the Project Management International (PMI) methodologies. This methodology is at the core of how Odyssey VC and Egenera combine to offer a very powerful integrated GxP Cloud Infrastructure and Lifecycle Management solution.

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The Total Cost of Doing Business with Microsoft® Azure®

Were you aware that Microsoft will leverage Azure and/or its SaaS offerings (e.g. Office 365) to get its proverbial foot in the door of their partner’s accounts? And once they’re in, they’re in.

Did you know, as of the release of this report, Microsoft has 74 Azure-related SLAs! Why so complex? If your client experiences an outage, which SLA has been violated?

After performing lengthy research on Microsoft’s public website, we’ve compiled all of the data we can to help shine a light on the fact that the actual total cost, and risk of doing business with Azure far exceeds the instance (server) costs they, and the “cloud cost comparison” websites advertise. See for yourself.

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Discover the real costs of using Amazon Web Services™ (AWS)

At Egenera, we don’t charge our partners for support. In fact, we feel it’s outrageous to even think about charging a partner to become a member of our partner network. But that’s not the case with everyone.

We documented a series of five papers providing information on the total cost, including those hidden costs, of doing business with AWS. Download to learn more about the hidden costs of:

  • AWS support

  • Amazon’s Partner Network (APN)

  • AWS’ “designed for developers” (costs you more than just money)

  • AWS’ SLA and customer agreements (taking money out of your pocket)

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The Five Things An Enterprise Must Consider

Cloud computing offers significant benefits, but is it ready for mission critical applications? The failure of these applications can result in the failure of business operations. When this happens, not only does a company lose money but it can also lose customers and tarnish a brand image. Learn what the cloud can offer for these applications and how it can overcome these concerns. Download now.

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Xterity CloudMigrate℠ Cloud Service

CloudMigrate automates the preparation, validation and confirmation of operational workloads, preparing them for migration to Xterity. These automation capabilities mean there are no manual pre-processing migration requirements on the source servers, and no manual post-processing migration requirements on the target servers.  To learn more –

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Egenera's Xterity is a cloud IaaS provider simpler than AWS or Azure and a excellent platform for ISV to SaaS transition.  It also can be used as a cloud backup and DR provider..  For more details about what Xterity can do for you check out our feature matrix or use cases.

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