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Xterity Premier

Xterity Premier is designed for organizations where the availability, performance, and flexibility of their cloud solutions directly affect revenue.  Our premier offering provides solutions for organizations that need competitive pricing, high performance, industry leading availability, and best in class support response without having to pay the big additional fees found at other cloud providers.   Another important value of being a Premier customer is that you can build cloud solutions without the investment to get “cloud certified” and the constant retraining involved in maintaining that status.  All Xterity Premier customers can build out traditional multi-tiered application architectures as well as leverage a wide variety of additional drag and drop services such as DRaaS, bring your own firewall, migration tools, embedded hypervisors, dedicated compute, and private connectivity.  For our customers looking to add cloud revenue to their business, our Premier offering provides the technical, billing, and branding support needed to be a re-seller or distributor of cloud-based solutions and/or cloud protection for your customer's onsite systems.