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Xterity Premier – BaaS, DaaS, and IaaS Cloud Services

Xterity Premier IaaS cloud services (including BaaS and DaaS services) are designed for organizations where the availability, performance, and flexibility of their cloud solutions directly affect revenue. Our Premier offering provides solutions for organizations that need competitive pricing, high performance, industry-leading availability, and best-in-class support response without having to pay the large additional fees required by other cloud providers. Another important value of being a Premier customer is that you can build cloud solutions without the investment of getting “cloud certified” and the constant retraining involved in maintaining that status. The result is more effective margin management for your business and an all-around better approach to scalability.

All Xterity Premier customers can build out traditional multi-tiered application architectures as well as leverage a wide variety of additional drag and drop services such as DRaaS, bring your own firewall, migration tools, embedded hypervisors, dedicated compute, and private connectivity. For customers looking to add cloud revenue to their business, our Premier offering provides the technical, billing, and branding support needed to be a reseller or distributor of cloud-based solutions and/or cloud protection for your customer's onsite systems.

IaaS, BaaS, and DaaS Services for On-Demand Cloud Functionality

Minimize your AWS support cost expenditures and maximize your Cloud Margin and deploy Cloud infrastructure easier with Xterity Premier. 

 Xterity Premier offers customers highly available Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using enterprise-class VMware cloud technology located in Tier 3 data centers across the globe. Our customers can deploy and manage services in any of our clouds via our intuitive, easy-to-use cloud console application, which includes an industry-leading drag-and-drop designer. Our cloud console puts you in control of the resources needed to run your applications and services by letting you configure the CPU, memory, and disk resource in whatever combination maximizes your value. To learn more about our IaaS capabilities check our IaaS Service Description.

Xterity Premier offers customers the ability to protect servers or desktops located outside of the Xterity cloud data centers using our off-cloud disaster recovery and backup services. These off-cloud services provide cloud protection for systems that are located in your office, in a colocation facility, or even in another cloud. As with all of our services, you choose the location that will store your data and our geo-locked cloud design will ensure it does not move unless you request it. Cloud backup and recovery services are easy to set up and use and offer options without the need for special firewall adjustments. In the case of a significant outage at the source location, you can even recover a system to our cloud. And, if you need protection for a group of systems, our full disaster recovery solution can be used to recover all of those systems within a few hours using an on-site virtual appliance.

Xterity Backup as a Service (BaaS) offers flexible options to suit almost every backup need, including protecting your data from mishaps, corruption, malware, and even ransomware. With a quick setup (just minutes) and advanced features like encryption, set pricing, and continuous data protection, our targeted cloud backup solution lets you balance your backup requirements against cost in an easy-to-understand manner. For more information consult our BaaS Service Description.

​Xterity DR as a Service (DRaaS) offers one of the industry’s most advanced disaster recovery services, providing a documented service-level agreement for an RTO and RPO you can count on. This service is not a simple restore from backup. Instead, it provides continuous data protection for a group of systems where configuration and data are kept in sync automatically and can be recovered as a group. Our engineers will work with you to set up and test your DR, after which our automated provisioning tools will ensure your configuration and changes are mirrored constantly. So, if disaster truly hits, you’ll have confidence in when and how your systems will be recovered. No more impersonal support emails explaining your DR did not work because you did not configure or maintain it correctly. Xterity’s global operations staff will be there working with you to ensure your business is back online. For more on our DRaaS offerings check out our DRaaS Service Description.

Xterity Clouds are designed for flexibility – it’s not your average one size fits all public cloud. Our customers can import a wide range of servers, appliances, and private networks. We also make it simple to move your existing systems into our cloud by providing a free cloud migration service, which will have your servers moved over with little to no downtime. We can help you move from your data center, colocation facility, or even another cloud. Customers also have options to simply send images for import or roll from a cloud backup into a production! Xterity supports a range of virtual appliances such as customer-specific firewalls, WAN accelerators, and other security-related tools. Our flexible network model allows customers to connect directly to their cloud servers with dedicated connections, site-to-site VPNs, or even private IP networks. If your organization has not been able to leverage the advantages of the cloud, or if you have hit a wall with your current cloud provider, Xterity presents options most providers do not.

Unlike most aggressively priced clouds on the market, Xterity has a wide range of operating systems at your disposal including all of the supported Windows versions. All of our OS options are available without dedicated servers, annual commitments, or other hidden charges.   Our selection of pre-provided OS images also has minimal engineering with no back doors, mandated antivirus, or monitoring built-in. Since our clouds are all built on the VMware hypervisor, our supported list of operating systems is one of the largest available in the industry. It also means that we can often import and support customer-specific images even if they are based on less common operating systems.

Sign up today and get more functionality, more flexibility, and more confidence out of your cloud set-up.

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