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Our experienced technicians are dedicated to ensuring the availability of your service.  Egenera is committed to providing customers with the highest levels of support, and deliver 24/7/365 global technical support service for our Xterity Cloud Services offerings.  You can contact service using our service portal at https://portal.egenera.com

To better understand the support options available for the Egenera products you use refer to the matrix below.  Xterity is a cloud IaaS provider simpler than AWS or Azure and a excellent platform for ISV to SaaS transition.  It also can be used as a cloud backup and DR provider​

Ticket Severity Guidelines

  • Severity 1 – One or more hosted servers are unavailable or unresponsive to all users or need to be restored from backup or DR systems

  • Severity 2 - One or more hosted servers are not functioning normally or a subset of users are having a hard time accessing them.

  • Severity 3 – Changes are needed to the configuration of one or more environments and cannot be executed via the portal.  User needs assistance with restoring a files, requests for assistance troubleshooting non-cloud issues, one or more servers are having performance issues.

  • Severity 4 – Requests for assistance with sales, professional services, or enhancements.

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