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More Cloud for Less Money

The reason most of our partners come to Xterity is to find a better value for their Cloud dollar.  Whether they are leveraging one of the IaaS giants like AWS and Azure or a smaller player, we find that cloud users are often unhappy with:

  • Ease of Use

  • Support

  • Cost or Cost predictability

Xterity is designed to improve the user experience for all three of these key points and we can help migrate workloads from any cloud provider to our cloud quickly and with no unplanned downtime.  In fact with our CloudMigrate service, customers can transition to the Xterity cloud with just minutes of downtime.


Egenera's Xterity is a cloud IaaS provider simpler than AWS or Azure and a excellent platform for ISV to SaaS transition.  It also can be used as a cloud backup and DR provider..  For more details about what Xterity can do for you check out our feature matrix or use cases.

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