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Your Business in the Cloud

Although many of our customers come to Xterity from other clouds, there are still organizations that have not been able to take advantage of the economics of the cloud. In almost every case, this is because they lack the comfort level and/or technical expertise to leverage the cloud giants.  Xterity's intuitive cloud console and high touch support enables them to get into the cloud without certifications, developers, or system architects.  

So, if you are a business running aging servers in a sub par data center or a service provider that has not yet started to transition your business to the cloud, give us a call.  With simple quick deployment tools like our "Windows File server template", you can be up and running in the cloud without training in just a few hours.  Egenera can help you get started on Xterity cloud without the need for a big technical ramp up.


Egenera's Xterity is a cloud IaaS provider simpler than AWS or Azure and a excellent platform for ISV to SaaS transition.  It also can be used as a cloud backup and DR provider..  For more details about what Xterity can do for you check out our feature matrix or use cases.

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