PAN Manager Software

Egenera Converged Infrastructure simplifies mission-critical Data Center management, including pooling of servers, I/O, Networking and Storage.

Since our inception in 2000, Egenera’s goal has been to help our customers simplify their data centers to both increase IT agility and lower IT costs. Our products are in production at hundreds of customer sites globally, delivering massive efficiencies while dramatically
lowering both capital and operational costs.

PAN Manager® software by Egenera® is our flagship converged infrastructure management product. PAN Manager is built on Egenera’s breakthrough PAN architecture. PAN Manager is available on multiple hardware platforms, and is compatible with all leading SAN vendors.

The following support and services are available for hardware platforms compatible with Egenera PAN Manager:

The PAN Architecture

The power of PAN Manager® software by Egenera® starts with the concept of a Processing Area Network (PAN).learn more

PAN Builder

Traditionally, servers, I/O and network are statically configured and cumbersome to change.learn more

PAN Server Portability

Application mobility is made possible using a logical server definition (server profile) another of the fundamental building blocks of the PAN architecture powering PAN Manager software.learn more

PAN Portability

The combination of PAN foundation services plus application mobility provides a powerful platform for the PAN management services.learn more

Key Benefits

PAN Manager Software Features & Benefits:learn more

Key Differentiators

PAN Manager Software Key Differentiators:learn more