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Xterity Express

Xterity Express has the same simple interface and predictable pricing as our Premier offering with similar performance, reliability, and support levels offered by the other major cloud providers at some of the lowest prices in the industry  Allowing customers to leverage cloud resources without training, certifications, and a constantly changing UI at a predictable low monthly cost.  If your organization is looking for an IaaS provider without the monthly billing surprises and/or the constant learning curve, then Xterity Express is for you.  In addition, Xterity Express offers the most common additional services such as backup or VPN integrated into the console for easy use. 


The primary market for Xterity Express is for organizations that are already leveraging cloud services with another vendor and are having difficulty with unpredictable monthly bills, cost increases and/or service delays. If that sounds like you, click below to register as an Xterity Express customer and learn how you can get access to our intuitive cloud console, migrate your servers, and lock-in your monthly cloud costs in just days.


Xterity Express is a limited offering currently only available in our US west coast datacenter.  For more information on the differences between Xterity Express and Xterity Premier consult our comparison matrix.