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We have been listening. Finally, our website is as simple to use as our cloud console.

December 13th, 2019 - In the later part of 2019 Egenera undertook a number of major projects to help simplify how customers find and access information related to our services. With the launch of our new website, we have made a major step towards that goal. has been completely rebuilt from the ground up using the same focus on simplicity that we use in building our cloud console application.

The simplified design of the website eliminates the clutter of data from legacy products and services. It also has a new FAQ that contains up to date answers on common questions and compares features and benefits in detail. Our whitepaper and video library have also been updated to include the most relevant materials plus we have made them easier to find and access. The new website also enables customers to sign up and accept terms electronically, a feature that has frequently been requested.

Similarly, there is now only one portal for our signed partners to access. We have scrubbed the contents to include materials relevant to the Xterity cloud plus we have improved the search and filter features to get to the right document more quickly. This same portal also has your support incidents, the partner news feed, and cloud status.

As we move into 2020, the Egenera team will continue to deliver the type of customer focused cloud services that has established us as a leading cloud provider. We will also work hard to keep resources like our portal and this website up to date and intuitive, so we are easy to do business with both from a technical and business development prospective.

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