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How Cloud Technology Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Technology is moving at a rapid rate, and that means businesses have to adapt to stay competitive. One of the latest advances in IT is the cloud — not one you see by looking up— but an on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.

The cloud has been around for about 20 years and despite the data pointing to the business efficiencies, cost-benefits, and competitive advantages it holds, a large portion of the business community continues to operate without it. What follows is a closer look at its benefits:

Cost savings: Once you're on the cloud, easy access to your company's data will save time and money in project startups.

Security: Many organizations have security concerns when it comes to adopting a cloud-computing solution thinking it opens the door to cybercrimes. In fact, a cloud host's full-time job is to carefully monitor security.

Flexibility: The cloud offers businesses more flexibility overall versus hosting on a local server. And, if you need extra bandwidth, a cloud-based service can meet that demand instantly, rather than undergoing a complex (and expensive) update to your IT infrastructure.

Mobility: Cloud computing allows mobile access to corporate data via smartphones and devices,

Better teamwork: Cloud computing makes collaboration a simple process. Team members can view and share information easily and securely across a cloud-based platform.

Quality control: In a cloud-based system, all documents are stored in one place and in a single format. With everyone accessing the same information, you can maintain consistency in data, avoid human error, and have a clear record of any revisions or updates.

Disaster recovery: Cloud-based services provide quick data recovery for all kinds of emergency scenarios, from natural disasters to power outages.

Egenera's Xterity Cloud platform gives managed service providers and IT organizations an enterprise level cloud service that is economical, flexible and very simple to use. Choose from two plans: Xterity Premier and Xterity Express, depending on your business needs. For more information, give us a call today.

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