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ISV to SaaS: Simplify Cloud Migration with Egenera

Although big business dominates the world's most common software products, there are many companies producing applications that serve specific needs that are either not addressed or poorly addressed by the big cloud vendors. 

ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) in this segment face a market that demands SaaS-based delivery, though often the effort needed to make the software fully multi-tenant is not in the cards. And for most of these organizations, the focus is on creating and supporting software products, not managing cloud infrastructure. 

For companies in this situation, getting to the cloud requires a partner like Egenera that can simplify deployment, allow for more flexible configurations, and provide free support. With Xterity, you can offer your software products as a service while remaining focused on your core competency. 

What Is ISV Software?

ISV software is any package created and distributed by an independent software vendor versus one from a huge software company or from a manufacturer of the hardware these applications run on. This type of software plays a crucial role in technological development. It provides innovative solutions for use cases with smaller but well defined markets. ISV is critical to moving technology forward on large and small scales. SalesForce, for example, was once an ISV operating out of a one-bedroom apartment. Now, it’s a Fortune 500 company whose CRM tools drive many businesses. Square, an ISV that started in 2009, has arguably pushed forward the entire retail/POS industry with its tech approach to payment.


In many cases, ISV software fills the gaps left by software giants like Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP, as well as by hardware manufacturers. The healthcare industry offers a good illustration of how the versatility of ISV software meets specific demands. Large hospitals are dominated by a few major solutions that cost millions. On the other hand, smaller dental offices, vets, optometrists, and other private practices have hundreds of different software offerings, each with its own strengths. ISVs make their mark by targeting problems seemingly too small to be on the radar of the massive corporations; they can solve problems in entirely new ways.

Difference Between ISV and SaaS

There are not many differences between ISVs that deliver via SaaS (Software as a Service) and those that still package enterprise software. In most cases, it is about scale. In a SaaS model, ISVs need fewer resources to test, deliver and support that same software package. This is a significantly more versatile and accessible method of delivery than ISVs had in the past, which prior to SaaS required either embedding their product into existing technology or coding, testing, and distributing versions that could be applied to a wide range of hardware. 

Since SaaS allows ISV software to be delivered to devices via the cloud, the variations in code, bugs, and user problems are much lower, thus reducing costs. 

There is a common misconception that applications need to be completely redeveloped for SaaS delivery. With a flexible infrastructure, most of the time ISVs need to do few to no code changes. 

The bottom line is this: rather than thinking of ISVs and SaaS as being different types of company or software, it’s best to think of them as different ways to deliver and license your software. The challenges of delivering your software as a service comes down to how you do it and, in many cases, the partner that you use. 

Convert to a SaaS Model with Egenera

Linking up ISV to SaaS makes a lot of sense for organizations, both on the creator side and on the user side. Not only does SaaS remove a lot of the manual headaches that can come with legacy applications, but it also has some big benefits for ISVs and their users.

These benefits include:

  • Faster Time to Market

  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

  • Streamlined Upgrades

  • Easier Scalability

  • Cost Reductions

  • Increased Ease of Use

Where, then, does Egenera fit in with the ISV vs. SaaS migration? With our global Xterity platform, ISVs get a reliable cloud-based platform for disseminating their software products. We offer both public and private cloud IaaS (Internet as a Service) solutions, plus all the flexibility ISVs need to get their software out to a larger audience. 

With Egenera, ISVs can make a painless leap to SaaS and all of the benefits that it affords. It is cloud efficiency made easy, and a better way for organizations to maximize product use without slowing down their internal processes. 

Contact us to learn more about this ISV to SaaS use case or to sign up for an Xterity demo.

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Egenera's Xterity is a cloud IaaS provider simpler than AWS or Azure and a excellent platform for ISV to SaaS transition.  It also can be used as a cloud backup and DR provider..  For more details about what Xterity can do for you check out our feature matrix or use cases.

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