PAN Manager was designed to bring business agility and continuity to key applications such as databases, application servers, and transaction processing. Our customers are able to lower the cost of delivering and operating core IT services by using PAN Manager to drive improvements.

As such, PAN Manager an ideal platform for both emerging and existing applications, such as those that are already established with SAP and CITRIX implementations.

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SAP Applications

By combining the SAP NetWeaver platform with Egenera’s datacenter infrastructure management solutions, companies can simplify administration of their ERP environments and cut IT costs.

Use cases specific to SAP environments include:

  • Upgrading hardware: PAN Manager automatically manages all aspects of the transfer, from connecting to storage and network resources, to installing new hardware drivers and software stacks, within minutes
  • Cloning an SAP system: You can clone an entire SAP system in minimal time without requiring physical configuration, duplicating the production environment and maintaining all network associations among SAP components automatically
  • Adding new SAP applications: The server definition need only be specified once and then used to migrate the new application into production within minutes

Egenera has been an SAP global technology partner since 2005.  In addition, Egenera has received the Adaptive Computing certificate of conformity for integration with SAP NetWeaver on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

CITRIX Applications

Egenera is part of the “Citrix Ready” program and as such integrates with both XenServer and XenDesktop. With XenServer, the Xen hypervisor is embedded as the Egenera® vBlade™ software – an extension to Egenera® PAN Manager™ software – providing enterprise customers with the industry’s most integrated, available and manageable virtualized environment. The combination enables customers to better utilize today’s ultra fast processors and manage virtual machines more simply and effectively, provide HA to both physical and virtual environments, drive server consolidation and decreasing IT costs and administration time.

XenDesktop lets you deliver on-demand virtual desktop and applications anywhere and to any type of device – bringing unprecedented flexibility and mobility to your workforce. As this “virtualized copy” of the desktop is hosted as a virtual machine on a hypervisor (Like XenServer), instead of on the local PC, PAN Manger can be and is used extensively with the Citrix XenDesktop product to provide resiliency and continuity for the infrastructure supporting thousands of virtual desktops.

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