PAN Domain Manager (PDM) takes DR functionality to the next level by allowing hardware platforms from different server vendors to be brought together as a single pool of resources within a PAN Manager environment.

This capability enables server profiles to be moved transparently between different platforms – allowing you to capitalize on the openness and flexibility of mixed vendor environments.  This is particularly useful if you failover into the cloud – you don’t need to be concerned about what platform you are failing to, or that it matches production platforms.  For example you could be running HP servers in your environment, while the disaster recovery platforms use IBM servers.

Pain Domain Manager Egenera Cloud DraaS


A Single Managed Resource Pool with Heterogeneous Failover

For a DR environment this gives you the added benefit of being able to mix hardware and still deliver enterprise-class infrastructure.  As environments need to scale, hardware choices don’t become a limiting factor, allowing you to purchase the most suitable platform for the use case.

This capability enables great flexibility for both IT organizations and service providers. IT can use those DR resources for applications such as testing and development until they are needed for disaster recovery. Service providers can choose the most cost effective hardware platform and still be able to deliver enterprise-class availability services across different customers.

The product includes:

  • Scale without compromise: Currently 16 blade enclosures and 256 servers in a single managed resource pool with linear IO scalability, greater expansion underway.
  • Support heterogeneous hardware: Enables management of mixed hardware environments, including failover and disaster recovery between different blade OEM’s
  • Advanced Storage Management: Simplifies storage resource allocation through integration with industry and storage vendor technologies


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