The Cloud is transforming how IT services are delivered, by giving users an easy way to request and consume computing infrastructure. In fact, a recent IDC survey found that data center managers expect to allocate nearly 50% of their budgets to cloud services (public and private) in 2013. With this increase in the use of cloud is the need for cloud management software.

For service providers, cloud services are a revenue-generating opportunity that clients need and will pay for. For enterprise IT organizations, an internal cloud is a way to enable user self-service and cost-effectively provide IT resources on demand, while allocating expenses with increased granularity.

Egenera PAN Cloud DirectorThe PAN Cloud Director management software platform makes it simple for both IT organizations and service providers to design, request, provision, protect and manage IT as a service.

You can download the Egenera Cloud Suite whitepaper. Watch the PAN Cloud Director video.

PAN Cloud Director:

  • has an intuitive easy-to-use interface that provides drag and drop functionality
  • has unique capabilities for service providers to enable multi-tier channel sales including real-time costing and margin management, billing, self-service provisioning and service level agreement integration
  • unlike other products, PAN Cloud Director is hypervisor-agnostic (supporting VMware, Hyper-V, Xen and KVM)
  • in combination with PAN Manager, is the only product in the market that provides lifecycle management for both physical and virtual resources – enabling clouds consisting of a mix of both bare metal and virtual resources. This enables users to secure the IT resources that best match their application needs and budget requirements.


Egenera PAN Cloud Director Cloud Management Software Key features include:

  • Self-service solution designed to enable users to:
    • Create request-based resource catalogs
    • Discover and import resources for catalogs
    • Customize the user interface for company/user brands
  • Cost modeling and quotation
    • Create real time quotes for resource requests
  • Integration of Service Level Agreements
    • Offer and execute Terms & Condition contracts
    • Track and report usage and charges
  • Provisioning of end-to-end server resource solution
    • Auto-deploy server environments, activate billing linkage, present licensing authorizations, present server environment status
    • Deploy on physical and virtual server environments
  • Track, monitor and manage resources for quality and optimization
    • Get detailed status of client/user experience; performance monitoring (CPU, network etc.)
  • Update, adapt and customize client solutions to meet demand
    • Adapt to user/client requirement changes
    • Create custom workflows
    • Automate server resource creation
  • Charge for services delivered with a real time pricing and billing engine
    • Datacenter operator and distributor/reseller use the same tool for billing
    • Export data to business billing systems

For additional information about the benefits of PAN Cloud Director, please contact us.


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