Today’s workplace is fast becoming a mobile enterprise. Employees, customers and partners need access to enterprise applications from anywhere at anytime, and increasingly want to use their own mobile devices to do so.


This presents a major challenge for developers and IT in terms of developing, supporting and deploying applications across a wide variety of devices with different operating systems, screen sizes, capabilities and more. It also can introduce significant security risks that need to be addressed.

Instead of having to create many versions of an application that users then download onto their devices, mobile cloud services are an excellent option for supporting mobile access. In this scenario, users access the app and its data via browsers. This simplifies app development, and can enhance security and availability.


Egenera Cloud Suite software, which includes PAN Manager, PAN Domain Manager and PAN Cloud Director, lets you build a platform that provides the scalability, elasticity, reliability and agility required to host a dynamic and well-managed mobile infrastructure.

Cloud Suite also provides secure multi-tenancy, which is ideal for service providers and other organizations who need to host mobile environments comprised of multiple customers or departments that need to be isolated from each other.

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