Driven by the need to contain costs, accelerate time-to-service and enhance flexibility, the way IT services are delivered is changing. Rather than use dedicated infrastructure and continue to add data center resources, organizations are increasingly moving to cloud-based services that provide the agility businesses need. Cloud services can be delivered by internal IT departments with their own infrastructure (a private cloud), using public clouds from external service providers, or a hybrid cloud model that uses both.


Key considerations for both IT organizations and service providers:

  • Administration: Enabling a flexible computing model in a cloud can be a management challenge. While there can be tremendous value from infrastructure and services that can be scaled up and down at will, oftentimes the result is “virtual machine sprawl”.
  • Reliability: The infrastructure and services must be highly resilient and protected against downtime or the business will suffer.
  • Application support: Virtual machine technology may be a great fit for some of your applications, but applications that are performance-intensive run better on bare metal. Your plan should consider both and have a common management interface.
  • Business processes: Setting up a cloud service requires more than hardware and software. The overall solution needs to make it easy for either enterprise IT organizations or a service provider to bill/chargeback, support users and adhere to policies.


Egenera Cloud Suite software, which includes PAN Manager, PAN Domain Manager and PAN Cloud Director, enables IT organizations and service providers to transform infrastructure into an agile IT as a service. It addresses all of the challenges noted above by delivering a scalable and resilient IT services platform that is simple to design and deploy, yet inherently protects against a single server failure or an entire datacenter outage.

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