Egenera PAN Manager Software is installed in over 1,600 sites worldwide, representing a wide range of industries and business applications. In organizations where agility, resilience and continuity are crucial, PAN manager’s unique capabilities are critically acclaimed. Adoption of PAN manager has been led by innovative organizations in the following industries:

Financial Services

Egenera has been helping leaders in the financial services industry meet the top priorities of CIOs—providing unparalleled service levels and enabling business growth. Customer applications for Egenera’s infrastructure orchestration technology. learn more

Service Providers

Egenera’s unique infrastructure management capabilities and years of experience with service providers have enabled us to develop a set of unique solutions for the market. Whatever your online service, Egenera’s ability to provide a mission-critical level of reliability and agility.  learn more


Healthcare organizations confront enormous challenges: rising costs, insufficient staffing resources, regulatory requirements, higher patient expectations, and more. How do you provide the highest-quality care while containing costs with limited resources?  learn more

Public Sector

Egenera technology is used by mutliple federal agencies—including civilian, department of defense and intelligence—as well as state and local governments for their most mission-critical applications.  learn more

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