Egenera delivers converged infrastructure and cloud management solutions to solve some of today’s most pressing data center challenges. Our products have also been adapted to specific applications and industries.

See how Egenera’s cloud services and infrastructure solutions can help you and your business reach new levels of performance and reliability through unified computing:

Datacenter Consolidation

Datacenter consolidation is an important strategy for organizations today to reduce costs and eliminate unneeded infrastructure. Learn more about how Egenera software solutions can help you do both. learn more

As a Service

The Cloud is transforming how IT services are delivered both by enterprises and service providers. Egenera’s Cloud Suite is a premier cloud management solution that makes it easy to design, request, provision, protect and manage IT as a service. Explore our solutions for Desktop as a Service, DR as a Service, Software as a Service and IT as a Service.

Mobile Cloud Infrastructure

Today’s workplace is fast becoming a mobile enterprise. Employees, customers and partners need access to enterprise applications from anywhere at anytime, and increasingly want to use their own mobile devices to do so. Find out how Egenera Cloud Suite can help you set up a mobile cloud service. learn more

Hybrid Clouds – Private Clouds

Enterprises are implementing internal and hybrid cloud services in order to gain flexibility and agility, and provide self-service computing resources to their users. Find out how Egenera technology can help. learn more


PAN Manager was designed to bring business continuity and agility to key applications such as databases, application servers, and transaction processing. Our customers are able to lower the cost of delivering and operating core IT services by using PAN Manager uptime software to drive improvements. learn more


Egenera PAN Manager Software is installed in over 1,600 sites worldwide, representing a wide range of industries and business applications. In organizations where agility, resilience and business continuity are crucial, PAN manager’s unique capabilities are critically acclaimed. learn more

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