DRaaS is an “always on” disaster recovery service that enables an organization’s mission critical applications to run in case of some type of system failure. In today’s highly competitive climate companies can ill afford system outages that result in a loss of revenue or that drive customers to their competitors.

DRaaS presents an opportunity for service providers to offer a highly attractive service, and for internal IT organizations to raise the level of service they provide to the business while maximizing the use of their hardware infrastructure across business units.


The biggest challenge in delivering disaster recovery services is the cost. Typically when you think of Disaster Recovery (DR), you think of lots of idle hardware in a data center just waiting for that one occasion when it may be needed. Even worse, you might be reliant on your hardware vendor to send a truckload of equipment that could take weeks to receive and then configure to get back online.

The difficulty involved in testing DR is another major concern. When was the last time you fully tested your DR plan?


DR-imageEgenera Cloud Suite software, which includes PAN Cloud Director, PAN Manager and PAN Domain Manager, enables organizations to implement Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and solve the issues of cost and complexity. Its capabilities deliver a scalable, reliable and self-service infrastructure that automates the process of provisioning, monitoring, managing and protecting DRaaS.

The DR functionality built in to PAN Manager allows you to fail over entire environments, whether that is between racks in the same datacenter or across geographically dispersed datacenters.  With PAN Manager you can even have different hardware specifications in your DR site and production datacenter.

As the failover process can be automated and initiated very quickly, DR servers can be used to run other workloads and non-critical applications. This eliminates the cost of idle hardware to maximize datacenter efficiency.

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