Egenera is now making PAN Manager Software available for standard Fujitsu BX900 x86-based blade servers. That means standard Fujitsu blades and networking will have the same business-critical availability, elasticity HA and DR capabilities as other PAN Manager systems.

Customer Solutions

  • Unified N+1 HA: Fails-over physical ,virtual, or mixed P+V environments
  • Unified, Verifiable DR: Recovers entire physical ,virtual, or mixed P+V environments including all I/O, networking, load balancing and storage connections
  • Rapid Re-Provisioning: Re-purposes hardware (compute, I/O, network, storage connectivity) as demands fluctuate
  • Scale-Out Compute Infrastructures: Automatically manages and scales multi-instance use of Oracle RAC, SQL, ERP (e.g. SAP), WebLogic, WebSphere and others
  • I/O & Network Consolidation: Dynamically re-configures all networking fabric , eliminating the need most I/O hardware components such as NICs and HBAs – providing a “wire-once” environment.

Learn More

For more information on PRIMERGY BX900, please see the Fujitsu web site.

For more information about pricing and availability of PAN Manager for BX900, contact us.

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