Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs to Adopt Cloud Technology

Cloud computing will be one of top strategic technology trends for the coming years . With every sector from mobile applications to enterprise software integrating cloud technology into their infrastructure, it is surprising how many businesses still hesitate to have a cloud technology policy in place. If your business has yet to make the transition to cloud software and data storage, following are the top five reasons you might want to consider making the leap:

Data Accessibility
With an ever growing number of employees working remotely or via mobile devices, having 24/7 access to company data is crucial. Whether employees are working in different time zones or on different mobile platforms, being able to access company data on an as-needed basis is essential for effective time management. Integrating a secure cloud storage solution into your company’s growth plans ensures your staff has ‘always-on’ access to needed resources.


If your company is still using in-house hardware for data backups, your business could be in for a rude awakening should you ever suffer a data breach. Thanks to randomized data encryption tools, your data is much safer in the cloud than on a thumb drive locked in the company safe. Ensuring your company is following all compliance regulations regarding the safe storage of customer data is absolutely crucial for business owners wanting to mitigate their risks.


Cost Savings
The cost savings of storing crucial data in the cloud can be substantial when compared to local on-site data storage. Your hardware infrastructure costs alone can far outnumber your annual cloud data storage costs.


Data Recovery
If you’ve ever had a hardware failure on any of your current data storage devices, you know how frightening and frustrating the potential loss of data can be. With your data stored in the cloud, you are free to backup your data whenever it strikes your fancy. From daily backups to semi-annual reviews of data storage to-date, the management of your company’s data is completely up to you.


While you might not need advanced data storage now, integrating cloud technology into your business’ growth plans allows you to scale up your business when the need arises. Instead of facing costly expenditures for in-house servers and data management solutions, an in-place cloud management plan allows you to grow your company with nothing more than a quick phone call or email to your cloud solution provider.

These are just five of numerous reasons business owners should consider making the move to cloud technology sooner rather than later. Whether you run a small business in Asia, a growing venture in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa or in the United States, it is imperative for the future of your company that you consider the impacts of not having a cloud technology strategy in place. When the long-term growth potential of your business is at stake, the earlier you adopt a cloud data plan the better the outcome for your company could be.

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