Egenera Cloud Suite

Wholesale Cloud Services: The next evolution in the cloud

In this webinar, we explore the current state of cloud services, and how wholesale, white label clouds empower service providers to provide their clients with custom solutions at a minimum of resource expenditure.

Please join us for this on-demand webinar presentation on the next evolution in cloud.

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ITaaS: Building an Enterprise Cloud

This webinar reviews trends, benefits, and pitfalls involved in IT as a Service: Building an Enterprise Cloud. The key elements to building an enterprise cloud will be reviewed, along with analysis of how Egenera’s unique product suite can eliminate risks while maximizing the potential benefits.

Please join us for this on-demand webinar presentation on Building an Enterprise Cloud.

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The Death of Hybrid Cloud

The “hybrid cloud” has become the trend to watch. Find out more about Hybrid Cloud in this informative webinar: What a hybrid cloud is – (hint: more than just private and public clouds), what is driving this trend, good use cases for hybrid clouds, what it takes to implement in your organization.

Please join us for this on-demand webinar presentation on Hybrid Cloud.

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From MSP to CSP: Transitioning to Cloud

Supercharging your Reseller Channel: Driving Revenue & Higher Margins in the Cloud- An MSP Case Study: How Managed Service Provider Netsolus Moved to a User Self-Service Cloud Model, with Egenera Cloud Suite, cloud management software. An interview with Bryan Ballard, CTO of Netsolus.
Please join us for this on-demand webinar presentation on the state of Cloud Services.

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Transitioning to the Cloud: ISV to SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a dynamic new business, and is projected to have a 19% growth this year alone.

Please join us for this on-demand webinar presentation on the state of SaaS, the needs, the drivers, and how Egenera Cloud Suite cloud management software empowers the ISV to quickly launch into a Software as a Service business model.

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MSP’s: Transform Your Business with Cloud Services

Cloud Services offer Managed Service Providers an opportunity to enhance value to their customers, develop new revenue streams and lower costs. To do so requires a high degree of automation to replace labor-intensive engineering, and a comprehensive cloud provisioning and management platform that spans the design, pricing, deployment, management and protection of cloud services.

Join us for this webinar on how MSPs are making the transition to cloud services, and why Egenera Cloud Suite provides the most agile solution for cloud service providers.

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PAN Cloud Director

The Future of Cloud- A Mid-Year Review Webinar

New trends are emerging that tell us how cloud services are changing. In the latest webinar in our Future of Cloud series, we will discuss what trends have emerged, survey the latest analyst data, and review the drivers, inhibitors and expectations in this new era of Business Cloud specialization.

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Hybrid Clouds- Leveraging Public and Private Business Cloud Resources

In this Future of Cloud webinar, William Lipman provides a technical overview of Egenera’s PAN Cloud Director Cloud Management Software, and will demonstrate its easy to use interface, building a private cloud resource, then adding Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud resources, for a truly hybrid cloud environment.

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The Future of Cloud- Building and Managing a Hybrid Cloud

Amazon Web Services: A Hybrid Cloud Reality
In this Future of Cloud webinar, we unveil Egenera’s public cloud integration with Amazon Web Services, review the uptake for hybrid clouds, and share some best practices in building a hybrid cloud. The development, deployment and management of hybrid cloud services from a unified cloud management software platform are demonstrated.

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Building Managing and Protecting Private Cloud Environments

In this session we review the uptake and best practices for developing and deploying a private cloud. Topics to be covered include the state of the private cloud market, the business case for implementing private clouds, the technical components needed for a private cloud, along with a discussion on the critical role that application strategy plays in the development of a private cloud. The architecture of a well-structured private cloud initiative will also be reviewed and discussed.

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Delivering Enterprise Class Clouds – Egenera Webinar

Obviously, cloud is changing everything. It is transforming how IT Services are delivered, shifting how resources are managed and turning the economics of IT on its head. As a result, organizations are radically shifting how they allocate their IT budgets. But is it meeting the all the needs of the enterprise?

In this Egenera Cloud Webinar series as we examine how other organizations have built and deployed cloud services that meet the strict security, reliability and performance requirements of enterprise IT.

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The Future of Cloud On-Demand Webinar

This Egenera Cloud Webinar examines some of the more compelling emerging cloud services. These include deep dives into Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS), Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

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Egenera PAN Cloud Director – Software Demonstration

PAN Cloud Director plays unique role in the “Software-Defined Enterprise” enabling users to quickly define new business services and best match their application and IT needs with their budget and service level requirements.
Join Egenera Solutions Architect Martin Flint, and Garrett Burke, VP of Engineering for Cloud Director as they present many features and capabilities of Egenera’s PAN Cloud Director.

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Egenera PAN Cloud Director – Overview and Demonstration

In this Data Center Directions webinar, speakers Martin Flint, Egenera Solutions Architect and Dan Busby, Vice President of Product Management will introduce and demonstrate the unique capabilities and differentiation for Egenera’s PAN Cloud Director software. Viewers will learn how the PAN Cloud Director works with PAN Manager, providing greater availability, increasing IT service levels and improving business confidence in the cloud computing.

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PAN Manager

Management for Converged Infrastructure: Onramp to the Cloud

Join Research firm EMA and Egenera for this Data Center Directions™ Webinar on converged infrastructure management solutions. Learn about management of multi-vendor converged infrastructure environments, and best of breed vs. loosely integrated vs. tightly coupled solutions for managing converged infrastructure deployments.

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A Solution to Managing Today’s Complex IT Environment with Converged Infrastructure

In this on-demand webinar, Egenera CTO Scott Geng, will discuss how IT can streamline the management of complex IT environments by utilizing new converged infrastructure technologies, abstracting the IT infrastructure to centralize the management of resources, increase utilization rates, automate processes and lower costs.

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Solving Modern Disaster Recovery Challenges

Featuring Guest speaker Rachel Dines, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc., and Scott Harris, Vice President of Services at Egenera, this webinar presents research and real life data on how organizations are solving their Disaster Recovery problems by leveraging advanced technologies, new services like cloud, and embracing process improvements. Insight and practical DR expertise combine to provide an informative and practical webinar presentation.

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Better, Stronger, Cheaper: Improving the Virtual Data Center with Egenera

Disaster protection is no longer a luxury, RTOs have only increased. At the same time, budgets have only gotten tighter. Thousands of organizations have already found that Egenera provides a proven solution to protect key IT services, provide fast and consistent recovery and reduce costs by upwards of 40%. This webinar presents the PAN Manager solution, and how it protects and lowers the costs of your virtual environments.

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Fujitsu & Egenera: Better Together

This webinar explores how the goals of Converged Infrastructure are achieved with PAN Manager and Fujitsu and how a major U.S. healthcare provider is using the joint solution to improve the quality of service while automating the management of their Citrix XenDesktop environment.

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An Introduction to Open Fabric Based Computing with PAN Manager

Find out how your organization can create a truly open compute fabric from off the shelf blade hardware while also ensuring your applications have the capacity, availability and response time needed to meet the service levels required. This webinar features a live demo of PAN Manager and demonstration of how Egenera is helping organizations deploy open converged infrastructures.

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Ready for Business: 3 Steps to Fortify, Consolidate and Automate IT Services

Consolidation and business continuity are strategic initiatives of most IT management teams today. Learn how Egenera PAN Manager Software uniquely addresses these needs with an open, multi-platform infrastructure solution.

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Providing Simple, Effective HA and DR for HP BladeSystem

Egenera and HP have partnered to deliver PAN Manager Software for HP BladeSystem. Find out how organizations running Egenera® PAN Manager® Software for HP BladeSystem can be assured of uninterrupted business continuity with fully-automated high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR).

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