Professional Services

Egenera Professional Services offers a set of standard consulting engagements designed to help customers get the most out of any PAN platform and the converged infrastructure it manages. We have refined the scope of these engagements over the past 10 years to ensure they can be delivered efficiently. This allows Egenera to execute very quickly and for a fixed cost. Whether you just need a new PAN domain provisioned or you are adopting a converged infrastructure for the first time Egenera can help you do it with PAN Manager in record time and minimal risk.

Additionally Egenera can provide customized consulting engagements for customers that have more unique needs. Many customers leverage these services to provide temporary administrative or architectural help as they adopt PAN’s cloud based management style.

There are numerous benefits in moving towards a private cloud: flexibility, stability, responsiveness, accountability, and cost. Egenera’s decade of experience in providing converged infrastructure & private cloud solutions will help you realize measurable results faster.

For additional information on how Egenera PS can help you contact your reseller, Egenera account team or email

Standard Consulting Engagements

PAN Installation

The 2-day PAN Installation Service is a consulting engagement that provides customers a functional PAN system on a compatible hardware platform ready for implementation and adoption. Upon successful conclusion of this engagement the PAN hardware platform will be setup, tested, and loaded with PAN providing a baseline install in the minimal amount of time. Normally a PAN Installation is a companion service that is followed by a PAN Implementation and in some cases also a PAN Adoption engagement. However in rare cases where a customer is very experienced with PAN systems or has the time and resources needed to perform these functions through documentation nothing more than a PAN Installation may be needed.

PAN Implementation

The 3-day PAN Implementation Service is a consulting engagement that takes a new PAN system and integrates it into a customer’s datacenter environment ensuring it is correctly configured for the environment and can access the required resources to host generic server images. Upon successful conclusion of this engagement your new PAN system will be ready for deployment of PAN compliant server images or a PAN Adoption service. PAN Implementation requires the successful completion of a PAN Installation service and is often done in conjunction with a PAN Adoption engagement and/or a onsite PAN Administration training session. However customers experienced with PAN systems may not need any assistance past an implementation service.

PAN Adoption

The 5 day PAN Adoption Service is a consulting engagement that provides mentoring to an organization on how to leverage and maintain PAN while migrating servers to a newly implemented PAN system or building customized base images. Additionally this engagement will deliver insight into maximizing efficiency from PAN, tips on optimization, and best practices guidance on application selection / configuration. Upon successful conclusion of this engagement an organization will be able to utilize their new PAN system to host servers customized for the clients intended use in at least a testing capacity. The Customer’s systems administration team will have acquired additional familiarity with the tools, documentation, and best practices needed to install additional servers and operate PAN. At the conclusion of this engagement, the customer will be positioned to expand and maintain PAN on the new platform and have the knowledge needed to run in production. PAN Adoption engagements require that the PAN system being worked on has been successfully installed and implemented.

PAN DR Accelerator

The PAN Disaster Recovery Service is a consulting engagement providing the technical strategy, configuration support, custom implementation, and knowledge transfer of a Disaster Recovery solution designed specifically for a PAN Customer. Upon successful conclusion of this engagement, Customer has deployed a Disaster Recovery solution capable of forcing production applications to a secondary site. Customer’s systems administration team has acquired the tools and best practices required to operate and maintain the software utilities provided to implement the strategy. This engagement provides a reusable and expandable framework for Disaster Recovery on the PAN platform and the pre-determined SAN storage provider. At the conclusion of this engagement the customer will have confidence in the strategy and the knowledge and ability to maintain and test the effectiveness of the solution in providing fast and reliable DR.