In 2001 when Egenera first introduced a converged infrastructure and private cloud solution, we also pioneered a new approach to supporting our customers, an approach that has become the gold standard for virtualization providers today, the top down triage method. Instead of creating a support organization and processes that rely on specific error messages, methodical escalation between levels, and endless triage scripts Egenera starts with the problem as the end user sees it. This is often something simple like “My exchange server stopped responding” and it then becomes our responsibility to dissect that problem from there and get you to the people that can help you. It is not hard to understand the need for this approach. As more of the software and hardware stack is virtualized, the lines of ownership for problems are blurred, traditional diagnostic tools and processes may not apply, and finger pointing increases. For a company to feel like they can safely use a virtualization technology they need to know that the provider can guide them through the customer support process.

It seems simple, just shift the goal from “prove it is our technology” to a “prove it is not our technology” but it involves a lot more and in our opinion has been critical to our success over the past years. This fundamental support philosophy means we hire much higher skilled engineers for support with real world experience in multiple companion technologies. It means approximately 30% of our case volume gets redirected to a 3rd party and another group of cases represent problems in companion technologies like operating systems or storage that we resolve for customers without them even calling that vendor. It results in very few levels and groups of support, more time interfacing with customers per ticket, and that every first contact with Egenera support goes to an engineer that is actually working from experience not a set of triage scripts.

Of course this makes it much more challenging for vendors like Egenera to provide support services but we strongly believe it is worth the investment. A stance that is consistently supported by customer feedback surveys and loyalty. In fact 85% or better of Egenera customers have voted our support group “Best in class” for the past Four years.

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