Egenera Cloud Suite Whitepaper

Egenera Cloud Suite with PAN Cloud Director transforms static infrastructure into a flexible cloud service so that organizations and service providers can provide near-instant access to the computing resources users require. Read this whitepaper to learn more.

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PAN Cloud Director Technical Overview

Read this white paper to learn about the features and architecture of PAN Cloud Director, its roles-based approach, the specific resources that can be allocated and more of the product details.

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For Service Providers: Transform Your Business with Cloud Services

Cloud services are becoming part of most organizations’ computing strategy. Egenera Cloud Suite enables service providers to quickly launch robust and highly available cloud services to generate new sources of revenue. This paper provides insights into the benefits of Cloud Management Software.

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Recovery as a Service with Egenera Cloud Suite

Enterprise IT departments around the globe are facing growing demands for reliable disaster recovery solutions as part of their business continuity strategies. Egenera provides a disaster recovery solution that recovers multiple physical and virtual servers with a single operation in less than 30 minutes. Read this whitepaper to learn more about Egenera Cloud Suite’s unique Recovery as a Service capabilities.

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Egenera’s PAN Cloud Director and PAN Domain Manager- An EMA Impact Brief

With the launch of PAN Cloud Director and PAN Domain Manager, Egenera’s PAN line of products offers customers the best of both worlds: a converged infrastructure solution that is based on off-the-shelf hardware. Read the EMA Impact Brief.

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Optimizing Resource Management for Converged Infrastructure An IDC Vendor Spotlight Whitepaper

This paper provides insights into some of the major forces driving the development and adoption of management systems for converged infrastructure. In addition, it discusses the role that Egenera plays in this strategically important market with its PAN Manager solution.

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The Case for Converged Infrastructure: A Comparison of Unified Management and Automation Solutions – OneStopClick Research Paper

There are two primary competitors in the CI marketplace: Egenera and Cisco Systems. Their offerings and paths for obtaining a converged infrastructure are substantially different. Learn more with this OneStopClick research paper.

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Highly Available, Intelligent Resource Management for VMware vSphere Whitepaper

This paper is written to illustrate the Adaptive Capacity of Egenera® PAN Manager® in a VMware environment, and how that capability provides critical support of both the physical and virtual components of today’s data center.

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Egenera PAN Manager Software - An Overview

Based on the Processing Area Network (PAN) concept, PAN Manager simplifies data center infrastructure and management by pooling compute, I/O, network and storage resources. The system’s embedded server profile creation, HA and DR facilities ensure a wire-once, always-on environment that supports all virtualization technologies as well as native operating systems. This document provides an overview of Egenera PAN Manager software.

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The Dynamic Datacenter with Egenera PAN Manager Software

Simplification of data center management has become increasingly vital to every organization. With the advent of the cloud, requirements for business continuity are increasingly becoming business critical needs. This paper reviews the requirements of the dynamic data center and demonstrates how PAN Manager software by Egenera® meets those requirements.

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Verifiable Disaster Recovery with Egenera PAN Manager

This paper reviews how Egenera PAN Manager® Software meets the demands of Disaster Recovery. The solution is designed to ensure business continuity by restoring all of your critical applications to full operation in fewer than 30 minutes — every time.

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Building a Flexible, Reliable and Automated Cloud with a Unified Computing Fabric from Egenera

In this whitepaper, important fundamentals of cloud deployment and success are identified and reviewed. The need for an open infrastructure management platform is analyzed as a critical tool to properly supporting business needs performance in the cloud.

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Making Converged IT Infrastructure a Practical Reality- An EMA Whitepaper

IT infrastructure technologies are converging and the lines between compute, network, and storage functions are blurring. Consolidated connectivity has been driving a new generation of tightly integrated, stateless infrastructure. But the promise of these systems cannot be fully realized without also converging management tools, technologies, and practices.

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