PAN Manager®

Our flagship data center management software product, PAN Manager, enables IT to provision, manage and protect your IT infrastructure. The software provides powerful management and policy-based automation so that IT can offload routine management tasks, freeing the IT staff and improving the service levels delivered back to the business.

Based on the Processing Area Network (PAN) concept, PAN Manager’s unique approach works by abstracting the IT infrastructure to create manageable resource pools of servers, I/O, networking, and storage. Egenera holds a number of patents in these areas.

From the PAN Manager GUI, individual resources from these pools can be assigned a profile or “personality”. Each profile contains the application configuration and service level requirements.

Once that profile has been activated, PAN Manager will actively monitor and automatically manage the infrastructure in order to meet the capacity, availability and response time requirements set by the business.

The software’s powerful discovery, server creation, HA and DR facilities provide a wire-once, always-on environment that supports both virtualized as well as native operating environments.

Customers benefit from up to 85% fewer physical I/O and networking components, and a simplification, by as much as 95%, in their IT operations as compared to traditional point-products. The result dramatically lowers CapEx and OpEx while provides best-in-class agility and reliability.

PAN Manager data center management software is used in production at thousands of customer sites globally, delivering massive efficiencies while dramatically lowering both capital and operational costs. The product is certified on every major blade server platform and is compatible with all leading SAN vendors.

Key features include:

  • Open Platform Choice: PAN Manager software is currently certified with IBM BladeCenter, HP ProLiant BladeSystem, Fujitsu Primergy BX900, Dell PowerEdge blade servers and the Egenera BladeFrame.
  • Flexible, On-Demand Capacity: Speed deployment of new applications and quickly repurpose hardware capacity to run either physical servers and/or virtual host servers with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • High Availability & Failover: Deliver n+1 hardware redundancy regardless of software workload and without complex clustering products.
  • Verifiable Disaster Recovery: Improve reliability and service levels with a single automated recovery plan for physical and virtual servers.
  • Secure Partitioning / Multi-tenancy: Create secure resource pools and share servers between users, reducing capital investments. The software has been certified as secure in numerous deployments by many public and private organizations.
  • “Lights Out” Management: Automate routine management tasks and increase server to admin ratios with full role based administration and control that reduces configuration errors and delivers a true “lights-out” data center management solution.
  • Support for standard Networking and Storage: Protect your investment leverage existing skill sets by continuing to using existing Ethernet networking components and iSCSI or FC SAN storage.
  • Reduced Complexity: Reduce IT components by 80% and lower costs by consolidating network ports, removing redundant servers and eliminating unnecessary software licenses.

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