Key Benefits of PAN Manager Software by Egenera

PAN Manager Software Features & Benefits:

Instant Provisioning of Servers & Infrastructure:

Administer software workloads (physical or hypervisor), networking, switching and storage all with the click of a mouse.

High Availability & Failover:

Provides n+1 hardware failover regardless of software workload, and without complex clustering products. Securely pool/share recovery servers, reducing capital investments.

Verifiable Disaster Recovery with High Availability:

Provides a recovery environment regardless of physical/virtual software, I/O, storage, or
networking. Configuration can be shared with test & development environment when not
required, dramatically reducing the cost of having to support and deliver two separate
environments. Maintain high availability even when running in DR.

Secure Partitioning / Multitenancy:

Supports multiple pools of resources in secure logical partitions to enable different applications
and departments to share a common infrastructure. Provides Role Based Access Control on
each partition and has been certified as secure in numerous deployments by many public and
private organizations. Includes charge-back capabilities for system usage.

Reduced Hardware I/O:

HBAs are virtualized, reducing I/O cost when using shared storage; most NICs too, are
eliminated and virtualized through I/O virtualization and network consolidation, whether in
software or with a hardware-based converged infrastructure.

Simplified Provisioning, HA Configuration and DR Deployment

“Single Pane” interface, reduces errors, enables consistency, robust remote operation-delivering a true “Lights-Out” data center solution.