Customer Testimonials

“The key differentiator with Egenera is the ability to manage all of our resources – physical and virtual – in a tightly integrated platform with a single management interface. This reduces operational costs, which in turn means savings that we can pass on to our clients. We also use Egenera’s automatic failover capability to provide higher service levels to our customers.”

Joe Sheehan, CEO
BroadRiver Communications Corporation

“Prior to Egenera, creating a staging environment for a new offering could take between two to three days. With Egenera, it only takes a few hours – with the same number of technical staff and no additional hardware, connections, cooling requirements or floor space.”

Tony Rigby, Information Systems Manager

After years of fighting to keep mission critical servers on line, I recommend that an IT staff not risk its company’s profit, future and brand image on anything but Egenera technology!

Danny Cox, CFO
The Bell Group (Rio Grande)

“The business units served by our New York data center need IT infrastructure that can respond rapidly to changing market conditions. At the same time, the mission-critical applications we support require uncompromised reliability. Through its PAN architecture and unique virtualization capabilities, Egenera gives us the confidence to move our most important services to an open source, non-proprietary platform and to repurpose resources on-the-fly.”

Richard Arenaro, Vice President, Information Technology

“Over-provisioning was something we did for peace of mind with our former legacy architecture. PAN vmBuilder software now gives us the ability to automatically provision resources depending on the workload, avoiding the issue of underutilization. Egenera is the cornerstone of our new technology approach and our standard going forward.”

“The tightly integrated, single management domain for both the physical and virtual environment has been incredibly valuable to our existing business. With PAN vmBuilder, we’re able to reconfigure on the fly and provision servers at least 50 percent faster than with our former solution.”

Jim Saricos, Director of Data and Performance Management

“During one of our DR tests with Egenera, we had the application up and running again in three minutes. I’ve had experiences where even under planned power downs we would build-in two to three weeks to failover complex, legacy systems – and the actual move would have taken seven hours.”

“With Egenera – in concert with 3PAR storage – we were able to literally push a button and everything was up and running again. The speed that we now have to get customers back online again is amazing.”

James Crum, Manager, Infrastructure Technology Services
Farm Bureau-Western Computer Services, Inc.

“Supporting any mission critical system means the platform has to be low-latency, scalable, secure and always available – those are givens. We also need a better way to allocated and dynamically reallocate resources as neede. Egenera proved they could meet all of our growing needs and hence we see PAN Manager as a key platform moving forward with other strategic applications and initiatives.”

Christopher Chapin, VP of Infrastructure Services
Pioneer Investments

“Of all the vendors we looked at, Egenera was the only solution that provided maximum uptime and availability while simultaneously serving as a secure platform for Oracle RAC. With Egenera, we’ll develop and roll out our Oracle-based, revenue-generating applications faster than ever. Deploying RAC nodes used to take up to four weeks with the previous architecture and now it takes less than four hours on Egenera.”

Bryan Rood, Director of Internet Data Center Services

“The first thing we noticed, and the most exciting feature, was how simple server management was using Egenera PAN Manager software. Everything from network, server and processor allocation could be managed all under one very easy to use interface. Our IT staff had the power to create virtual networks and servers immediately.”

“In addition, Global DR for us needs to be as close to real time as possible. We researched many different technologies in the past year in an attempt to find the right solution for us. We looked quite extensively at virtual machines and software-based replication technologies but nothing was as clean and effortless as the Egenera platform. Egenera was very attractive to us because they made the whole process seamless and automatic.”

Jeff Wood, IT Director
RCM Capital Management

“As soon as we spoke with Egenera, the light came on. We knew it was exactly what we had been looking for. Egenera gives us instant, built-in redundancy and powerful virtualization capabilities, which are critical in managing multiple facilities.”

“Egenera understands that infrastructure doesn’t have to be complicated. Ultimately, we were looking for simplicity and performance – something the other vendors didn’t even attempt to provide. With Egenera, we don’t have to hire consultants to manage it. It just works. Those are the kinds of companies we like to do business with – those that simplify a process and deliver results.”

Glenn Rappaport, Director of IT
Sport & Health

“Our IT vision is based on a pool of computing resources that can be repurposed as needed based on business requirements. With the bank’s future in mind, we looked at mainframes, high-end RISC systems, x86 white boxes and blades. Egenera was the only vendor with an integrated solution for virtualization and the I/O fabric, and the only one with a proven product. At the end of the day, Egenera was the lowest cost, lowest risk choice, providing the most flexibility. It’s already helping us improve time to market and IT responsiveness, and will ultimately have a positive impact on revenues. Egenera has opened our eyes to a new way of thinking about the data center.”

Jan Verplancke, CIO, Group Head Technology & Operations, 
Standard Chartered

“Utility computing is the future of data center infrastructure at the Census. Capitalizing on this vision means eliminating dedicated servers in favor of flexible resources that can be allocated to any application at any time. It means delivering processing capacity to our clients in minutes or hours instead of weeks or months. And it means sharing systems across departments for high availability and continuity of operations, improving utilization, consolidating servers and reducing both capital and operational costs. We found the utility computing capabilities of the Egenera system very desirable.”

Thomas J. Berti, CSVD, BCC
U.S. Census Bureau

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