Case Studies

Companies in a wide variety of industries face common business challenges: improving response time, increasing processing capacity, managing costs, facilitating ease of management and improving scalability. Here are some of the challenges Egenera has solved.

Cloud Services

Daiwa Institute of Research (DIR): Research, Consulting and Systems Integration Services

Impact: Cloud Infrastructure Management

Daiwa Institute of Research (DIR) is a comprehensive think tank within Daiwa Securities Group,
combining research, consulting and systems integration services. As a global company, DIR
wanted to create a cloud service that tied together geographically dispersed data centers, while
reducing total cost of ownership and enhancing overall availability. They envisioned a hybrid
cloud that could integrate with clouds built by their partners as well. As part of this strategic
initiative they also planned to roll out a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service to their 4000
users. DIR chose Egenera solutions as a foundation for this flexible and highly available cloud
infrastructure to support their global business.

download pdf > Daiwa Institute of Research: Research, Consulting and Systems Integration Services

Albridge: Financial Application Hosting

Impact: Virtualization for competitive advantage

Albridge Solutions has migrated from proprietary UNIX® servers to industry-standard servers running Linux® and PAN Manager® Software by Egenera®. Initially, IT considered building a virtualized environment by combining virtualization and management point-products. They discovered, however, that resulting complexity would be overwhelming. Servers from the industry’s largest vendors were also ruled out since their legacy architectures made virtualization and resource sharing impossible. Today, using industry-standard servers and PAN Manager, Albridge can run any application on any server at any time based on demand.

download pdf > Albridge: Financial Application Hosting

Panasonic Electric Works Information Systems: Internet Data Center Services

Impact: Consolidation, HA and DR

Panasonic Electric Works Information Systems Co., Ltd. (PEW-IS) has chosen PAN Manager® Software by Egenera® to consolidate servers and reduce floor-space requirements. Along with enabling server consolidation, PAN Manager is delivering superior high availability and disaster recovery. Applications running in the data center include an order-processing service for the manufacturing industry, a content delivery system and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Based on proven results, PEW-IS has designated PAN Manager as its standard infrastructure virtualization management software for mission-critical processing.

download pdf > Panasonic Electric Works Information Systems: Internet Data Center Services

SAVVIS: Global IT Utility

Impact: Up to 70 percent savings

SAVVIS set a goal to become a virtualized utility computing data center, integrating virtualized servers, storage, networks, and security into an end-to-end solution. Today, the service provider houses 1,425 virtual servers running on 70 industry-standard servers, 370 terabytes of 3PAR® storage and 1,250 virtualized firewalls.
As a complement to its managed hosting and collocation business, the company has built huge, scalable service platforms that can be leveraged by multiple clients with full security. This utility approach enables SAVVIS to charge customers for resources more closely tailored to their actual needs. Each year, more revenues and profits are generated from utility hosting contracts with business and government customers ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to the largest enterprises in the world, enabling SAVVIS to compete and win against traditional hosting providers and outsourcers.

download pdf > SAVVIS: Global IT Utility


FreshDirect: Online Transaction Processing

Impact: Explosive growth

When legacy data center equipment could no longer handle its rapid expansion, FreshDirect evaluated PAN Manager® Software by Egenera®. Among the immediate and quantifiable benefits the company has achieved since deploying PAN Manager are lower TCO, a better customer experience, more efficient utilization of resources, unprecedented scalability and rapid upgrades. For example, the company saved $1.2 million the first year alone. Additionally, software upgrades that once took five hours and required a system shutdown are now performed in less than 30 minutes with no customer impact.

download pdf > FreshDirect: Online Transaction Processing


American Capital Selects Egenera to Protect, Manage and Scale Mission Critical IT Infrastructure

Impact: Open Approach to Management Ensures Security, Simplicity and Scalability for Over 400 Servers

American Capital (ACAS) is one of the largest U.S. publicly traded alternative asset managers. As of March 2012, ACAS had $101 billion in assets under management. Operations are mission critical and there is simply no room for downtime. ACAS has partnered with Egenera, a pioneer in converged fabrics and infrastructure automation software. The Egenera solution provides the company with a comprehensive IT management and business continuity software solution that both lowers their costs by 20 percent and improves their IT service levels.

download pdf > American Capital Selects Egenera to Protect, Manage and Scale Mission Critical IT Infrastructure

eLynx Automates and Modernizes Mortgage Loan Processing and Documentation

Impact: Scalability, Disaster Recovery and Reliability in Increasingly Regulated Environment

eLynx provides the mortgage industry with outsourced document fulfillment services that streamline and automate the loan origination process. The eLynx software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering is the most widely used network in the mortgage industry as its data-centric document collaboration and distribution services modernize and accelerate loan processing.

download pdf > eLynx Automates and Modernizes Mortgage Loan Processing and Documentation

Commerzbank NA: Disaster Recovery

Impact: Security and simplicity through data center virtualization

After experiencing a major outage, Commerzbank NA launched an initiative to enhance its disaster-recovery strategy. The goal was to deploy a pool of virtualized servers that could run UNIX® or Microsoft® Windows® on demand, to complement the flexibility already achieved with virtualization on the storage and network sides.

Today, thanks to Egenera, their DR site not only ensures business continuity, it plays an active role in daily computing requirements—notably improving utilization. Moreover, Commerzbank NA has consolidated 140 legacy servers into just 48, slashed server-configuration time from two days to one hour, and reduced floor-space requirements by 60 percent.

download pdf > Commerzbank NA: Disaster Recovery

Standard Chartered

Impact: Pooled resources, repurposed as needed

IT architects at Standard Chartered PLC had decided to centralize data center operations for its core retail-banking application, which is available to customers at 1,200 locations worldwide. After evaluating other vendor offerings, Standard Chartered selected PAN Manager® Software by Egenera®. Egenera was the only vendor with an integrated solution for infrastructure virtualization and management, and the only one with customer references and a proven product. As a result, Standard Chartered has cut total cost of ownership in half compared to their previous proprietary solution and can now bring a new country online in nine days rather than 45 as estimated for its legacy architecture.

download pdf > Standard Chartered

Farm Bureau – Western Computer Services: Building a Service-Based Architecture

Impact: 100% uptime

Western Computer Services, Inc. (WCS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Farm Bureau Financial Services (FBFS), has deployed PAN Manager® Software by Egenera® as the foundation for its new service-based architecture, serving multiple Farm Bureau Financial Services companies throughout the United States. After an extensive evaluation spanning some of the industry’s largest systems companies, Farm Bureau-WCS chose Egenera to power the delivery and management of Web-based insurance services to thousands of personal and commercial insurance customers.

download pdf > Farm Bureau – Western Computer Services: Building a Service-Based Architecture


Cambridge Health Alliance: Ambulatory Product Suite

Impact: Accomplishing more with less

Cambridge Health Alliance chose PAN Manager® Software by Egenera® to manage the infrastructure for their new ambulatory product suite in a strategic initiative to automate its ambulatory-care environment. Over a five year period, the Alliance expects to save $2 million with PAN Manager, including $1 million in initial capital costs. Equally significant, Egenera is reducing system administration requirements—enabling Alliance IT professionals to focus on activities that add real value to the user community.

download pdf > Cambridge Health Alliance: Ambulatory Product Suite

Emory Healthcare Partners with Egenera and Fujitsu

Impact: Guarantees Reliability, Automation and Service Level Management of its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

As the largest and most comprehensive healthcare system in Georgia, Emory Healthcare is in the business of making critical, life-saving decisions every day. Emory’s healthcare providers are constantly on the move – room-to-room, bed to-bed, patient-to-patient – so increasing employee mobility and data/application availability to clinicians is extremely important. To support its staff’s need for online access anytime and anywhere throughout its health network, Emory is virtualizing its desktops to enable its doctors and nurses to be mobile while offering guaranteed access to critical systems for patient care.

download pdf > Emory Healthcare Partners with Egenera and Fujitsu

SCBIT: Data Center Virtualization

Impact: Less complexity, more flexibility

SCBIT chose PAN Manager® Software by Egenera® over solutions from IBM® and Sun® Microsystems for its ability to simplify consolidation, virtualization and management; reduce application time to market; and lower data center costs. PAN Manager provides the flexible allocation and repurposing that SCBIT requires: The agency can run any of its 10-plus applications on any server at any time. PAN Manager also enables SCBIT to make every application highly available at virtually no cost and provides a unique N+1 approach to disaster recovery. Rigorous evaluation demonstrated the performance advantages of running Oracle® 10g on servers with PAN Manager versus traditional systems, while a single console provides remote access, lowering administration requirements.

download pdf > SCBIT: Data Center Virtualization