Xterity is standing out from the Cloud

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The cloud provider market is increasingly stormy, but Xterity Cloud has a number of key differentiators.  See this recent article by Connected Magazine - Standing out from the cloud Source:  Connected Magazine (Sunday Business Post), 4th October 2015, pg 27

Egenera Helps Managed Service Providers Adjust To Cloud Challenges

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Pete Manca, Chairman, President & CEO of Egenera talks with IT Best of Breed, about traditional relationships between MSPs and their customers and how the cloud is disrupting those relationships.     These changes make MSPs more valuable than ever.   To see more, visit IT Best of Breed.

‘the Whir’; Shifting Cloud Relationships

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Pete Manca, Chairman, President & CEO of Egenera contributes to The Web Host Industry Review (WHIR). In this article, Pete shares his perspective around shifting clouds and how new relationships within the Cloud market are changing how we do business.  For more information, go to the Whir.

PCI DSS As-A-Service Comes to the Cloud

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From Thomas Duda, our VP of  Sales for Europe, Middle East & Africa For any merchant storing their customers’ credit card data, adhering to and complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is literally the price of doing business. The standard was established in 2006 by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to increase controls around cardholder data and to reduce credit card fraud. It’s now on its third iteration, and tops out at 12 requirements, over 200 sub-requirements and more than 400 testing procedures. It is also one of the few business processes that are not easily ported to the cloud, due to the difficulty in deploying a PCI-compliant environment onto multi-tenanted infrastructure. Until now. Earlier this week we announced, in partnership with The Bunker, the UK’s Ultra Secure IT Services provider, a new PCI DSS-as-a-Service cloud using the Egenera Cloud Suite. Significantly, this… continue reading

It’s High Time for Automatic Disaster Recovery and On-Demand Provisioning in the Data Center

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Recently, we’ve been focused on our launch of the Xterity Cloud Service, which responds to channel customer needs by providing resellers with the ability to design, price and manage complex multi-cloud application environments for their end user customers. Now it’s time to turn back to one of our core products at Egenera, PAN Manager. Despite their great benefits, virtualization and cloud infrastructure often cause increased management complexity in the data center. Enterprises and service providers need to implement better automation, optimization and operational processes to unify and efficiently maintain virtual and physical environments. They need a  platform that simplifies the management of infrastructure, improves agility and lowers costs through the ability to automate administration and capacity deployment.  In addition, data center managers need tools that automatically monitor and react to alerts within their environments and adjust capacity when it’s needed. From a capacity standpoint, if a cluster runs out of capacity (either… continue reading

Is Xterity for You? The Short Answer is Yes!

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We are excited to have announced our new wholesale cloud offering this week, called Xterity Cloud Services.  We have received great coverage of this news in the media and have had many very positive discussions with members of the analyst community who have validated the need for this type of all-in-one service that we are delivering to the reseller channel for creating and managing custom, multi-cloud solutions for enterprises.  More importantly, the feedback and interest we’ve received from the partner community has been overwhelming. As exciting as it has been to ‘spread the news,’ we are even more excited to have begun working with customers who have signed on as partners reselling the Xterity offering.  Some of our earliest customers are channel partners whom we have worked with in Ireland as they delivered our cloud services to end users in their market.  Because of the success they had with the… continue reading

Introducing Xterity Cloud Services!

Posted on: April 7th, 2015 by Pete Manca No Comments

      Today is an exciting day at Egenera, as we are introducing a new wholesale cloud service called Xterity. You can read all the details at www.xteritycloud.com, but I thought I’d take some time to explain why we are launching this service. Egenera has been selling cloud services for some time now in Ireland, mostly as a white label wholesale cloud. It’s sold exclusively through a reseller channel and has been quite successful. In doing so, we’ve seen the evolution of the MSP/SI channel and how they approach the cloud. It usually goes like this: End users ask their trusted advisor for cloud services MSP/SI resells AWS to the end user MSP/SI realizes that they can’t make the margins they need reselling AWS so they look for alternatives to build their own cloud MSP/SI builds their own cloud with 3rd party software then realizes that the 3rd party… continue reading

How Wholesalers Manage Complex Cloud Environments

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With growing recognition that the services promised by cloud platforms must involve complex requirements and serve a broad variety of use cases, managed service providers are turning to cloud providers that can build and manage multiple clouds for them, whether as private, public or in combination as multi-cloud environments – and the best option here is to look for a wholesale cloud provider who also enables white labeling of their services. These wholesalers can build and maintain multiple disparate cloud environments that include a mix of hardware vendors, hypervisors and/or multiple public cloud solutions. And better yet, they can allow their channel resellers to brand the services for their end customer to keep front and center of the service and the key player in the customer relationship. But for wholesale providers to control and manage these complex environments, their solutions need to be built on cloud management platforms that make it… continue reading

Choosing Your CSP: Price vs. Service

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If you’re a cloud service provider (CSP), staying relevant in a space where you’re competing against both the Goliaths of the cloud service market (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.) and all the other smaller providers can be tough. While the big name brands can easily out-price their smaller competitors, low price for a working cloud offering doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right solution for you. Because they have such a huge customer base, larger providers are trying to fulfill as many needs as possible by taking a one-size-fits-all approach by standardizing their services. As Jeff Kaplan of ThinkStrategies mentioned, the problem is that configuring these solutions on a case-to-case basis requires specialized skills that service providers may not necessarily have. That said, are the low costs of these brand name clouds truly worthwhile if the level of service doesn’t live up to the end-user’s expectations? If end-users are truly looking to… continue reading

Optimize your SAP environment & Reduce TCO

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Join us for this informative on-demand webinar as we discuss how Egenera can help you achieve these benefits and more with its advanced software approach. Through case studies and expert knowledge we will detail how you can – Simplify your compute infrastructure – Transform it from a static to a dynamic environment – Automate management and orchestration – Implement an effective and flexible N+1 Disaster Recovery solution – Reduce TCO while optimizing your SAP environment View this on-demand presentation now! 

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