Network Orchestration with Ease!

Posted on: April 14th, 2014 by Mike Castillo No Comments

See how easy network orchestration can be on April 23! With network architectures becoming ever more complex, and hybrid cloud moving towards a state of multi-cloud, which can cause even more difficulties, we at Egenera feel it is imperative that we focus on our core goal; to enable the seamless management of physical, virtual and cloud environments. One of our key strengths in the market is that we allow customers to mix and match server platforms, operating systems and virtualization environments all under one simple to use management interface.  And building on our goals and technology agnostic stance, we continue to broaden our support for various vendors and technologies.  In our upcoming April 23 web demo, sales engineer, Mike Castillo, will review some of the newer features of the Egenera PAN Cloud Director including support for Hyper V and Active Directory, new user roles and usage billing.  All features that… continue reading

Egenera is Named a Finalist in the Datacentre Solutions Awards DCIM Product of the Year Category

Posted on: April 8th, 2014 by Dana Morris No Comments

Data center environments and technologies are constantly changing, making the management of these environments extremely challenging.  Our mission has always been to help IT departments streamline the management of these environments, whether they are physical, virtual, cloud or a combination, so we are proud that Egenera Cloud Suite has been named a finalist for the Data Centre Solutions Awards within the datacentre infrastructure management product of the year category.  Egenera Cloud Suite enables organizations to quickly implement private and hybrid cloud services, and for service providers to launch robust and highly available cloud services to generate new sources of revenue. Egenera plays a hardware-independent card to differentiate itself from the converged infrastructure giants, which all have management software tied in with their converged hardware offerings.  By allowing a vendor agnostic approach, users can mix physical and virtual environments however they choose to quickly and efficiently design the cloud of their… continue reading

MSPs: Where in the world is your orchestration platform?

Posted on: April 7th, 2014 by John Humphreys No Comments

When cloud adoption took off in recent years the majority of cloud offerings were bare-bones – basic virtualization, a toolkit, a set of APIs and Web access. Now that most enterprises are incorporating cloud into their business initiatives, and with the significant competition in the cloud services market, MSPs need to offer cloud services with differentiated features and capabilities not just to compete but to win. This requires selecting the right cloud management and provisioning platform to build, manage and protect cloud services that provide what customers need: • The ability to run even their most complex, multi-tier applications in the cloud • Easy to use, intuitive self-provisioning with immediate deployment • High security and the highest levels of availability • On-demand scalability • Flexible, usage-based pricing Beyond ensuring your cloud service meet the needs of your customers, the cloud platform also needs to meet the needs of your business.… continue reading

Selling Cloud Services Through Channels: Not One Size Fits All

Posted on: March 31st, 2014 by John Humphreys No Comments

Cloud Computing represents an opportunity for many service providers to change their business models and drive new revenue streams. For some, this means selling cloud services through resellers rather than directly to end users. While there are many different cloud provisioning products on the market, service providers need to look for a platform that goes beyond the general creation and delivery of cloud services.  It is important to find one that is more comprehensive with capabilities to handle not only the technical aspects of designing, delivering and managing new services, but also the business-facing aspects of pricing, licensing and billing. Additionally, because service providers often use a multi-tier channel model, selling through distributors and resellers, finding a cloud orchestration solution that was specifically designed to supports this model is imperative.  The right solution must include white labeling capabilities to enable resellers to customize their offering; real-time pricing, costing and margin… continue reading

Supercharging your Reseller Channel: Driving Revenue & Higher Margins in the cloud

Posted on: March 11th, 2014 by John Humphreys No Comments

By some estimates, there are 30,000 managed services providers (MSPs) worldwide. While many MSPs have built their business providing computing infrastructure services, using a wholesale or retail approach, the cloud is also forcing many to reexamine their business models and rethink how they deliver IT services. Netsolus, a wholesale and retail provider of managed services and IT solutions, faced this head on and found a way to shift from a labor intensive structure to a vending machine approach where resellers are able to serve themselves. Through client request automation, Netsolus’ profit margins increased in parallel with a decrease in labor costs. Additionally, service provider customers are able to design, price, and deploy new infrastructures to scale without requiring significant development time from engineers, ultimately providing a successful on-demand model. Presented by Egenera’s John Humphreys and Netsolus’ CTO John Ballard on Wednesday March 26th at 2 pm ET, attend this live… continue reading

Entering the Game of Clouds: With Significant Growth Comes Significant Competition

Posted on: March 5th, 2014 by John Humphreys No Comments

We are seeing confidence in the cloud growing, and as a result businesses are increasingly opting to utilize cloud services.  In fact, a recent Gartner analysis estimated that global spending on public cloud services will have almost doubled in size from 2012 to 2016, reaching $210B in 2016.  Many VARs and MSPs who are losing customers to public cloud services see the growth of the cloud as a threat, but in fact, they could use it to their advantage by shifting their business model to align with this new delivery method. After making the decision to enter the cloud game, one important point to keep in mind is that with significant market growth, as we are seeing in the cloud, comes significant competition.  The winners will be distinguished by how quickly they can evolve their business strategy and implement services that provide more value to their customers than alternative solutions.… continue reading

Egenera CEO, Pete Manca Live Interview on Clear Channel Business Talk Radio

Posted on: February 27th, 2014 by admin No Comments

Pete Manca, CEO of Egenera appeared in an exclusive interview on Clear Channel Radio this past week, conveying the message of the unique capabilities of Egenera’s  Cloud Management Software: Egenera Cloud Suite. Michael Yorba interviewed Pete on The Traders Network, a program featured on Clear Channel Radio. With 243 million monthly listeners, the Traders Network stays ahead of the curve by featuring leading market and business professionals, sophisticated technology, and the analytics needed to identify the most lucrative investment strategies. Pete had the opportunity to talk about the success and momentum Egenera has seen over the last year as well as discuss thoughts for what we expect to see in 2014 in the network management and cloud computing space. The exclusive interview touched on Pete’s story, the company’s automation and IT management solutions, market success, 2014 outlook and long term agenda. “When we started Egenera we really tried to come out from… continue reading

Independent Software Vendors: Transitioning from Delivering Packaged Software to the Cloud

Posted on: February 25th, 2014 by Scott Harris No Comments

The rise of the cloud and expansion of SaaS has been enabled by a variety of technologies and services including the evolution of cloud provisioning and management products, the adoption of virtualization and orchestration software, new workload management products that enable dynamic scaling and improvements in system reliability and performance. All of these factors have caused an explosion in cloud usage and a shift within organizations to move from on-premise software applications to the as-a-service model delivered through the cloud.  In order to retain customers and avoid closing their businesses due to lack of revenue, ISVs must shift business models to embrace the cloud as the ultimate delivery mechanism.  In short, ISVs must make the change to become SaaS providers. Join me tomorrow at 2:00 Eastern, 11:00 Pacific, as I  step through SaaS, the needs, the drivers, and how Egenera Cloud Suite empowers ISVs to quickly launch into a SaaS business… continue reading

Cisco, HP and Egenera

Posted on: February 24th, 2014 by Pete Manca No Comments

In the fall of 2013 HP introduced OneView, a new converged systems management tool that lets users create virtual profiles and apply to them to HP blades and servers. It is meant to replace a number of older tools that have long been part of HP’s toolset. As part of the launch HP produced a number of videos comparing their OneView management appliance to Cisco’s UCS Manager. Not surprisingly, Cisco wasn’t too pleased about this. In response, Cisco recently produced a number of videos comparing the two products from their point of view. (Links to the original videos are at the end of this post). Just as HP had done, Cisco’s comparisons focused on those features where they felt they had clear advantages. These included more granular roles-based administration, the ability to move virtual server profiles across different types of servers and generations of hardware, the automation of server profiles… continue reading

ISVs: Adopt a new business model or suffer the consequences

Posted on: February 17th, 2014 by Scott Harris No Comments
Download from cloud service

In the past, business applications and infrastructure were acquired through vendors and the channel for on premise customer deployments. Today, with cloud computing being the ultimate delivery mechanism, the traditional model for product development and delivery has changed.  Customers are now opting to purchase resources (applications and infrastructure) directly from vendors as a service. With this model, many businesses could face extinction. The emergence of the cloud has had a major impact on how we live our lives and how technology and applications are delivered today. Consumers and organizations have become increasingly comfortable with the use of cloud services, driven by the explosive growth of mobile devices and applications. Enterprises have also adopted cloud services, from IaaS like Amazon EC2 to SaaS applications like and other business applications. In fact, according to research firm Saugatuck Technology, “IT and business executives researched by Saugatuck Technology indicate that they expect more… continue reading

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